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The impact of Covid-19 has been troublesome to most business, including the wedding industry. Our country has chosen the safe route to try and prevent the spread and flatten the curve of Covid-19, we value and appreciate this choice. However, the impact on us in the hospitality sector is substantial, both financially and emotionally.

We have been keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that we can still move forward with our wedding season this year. But, if this is not possible, we will be working very hard with each of our clients to provide them with the options we are able to offer, including holding dates for rebooking in 2022 or later this season, reducing the guest list to less than 50 people to be within the BC Provincial health guidelines or possibly doing a combination small gathering and virtual wedding.

We are a small family run venue business and cancellations impact us greatly. We understand, in this uncertain future, some couples may wish to cancel their wedding instead of working with us to find a creative solution. However, the 25% deposits that have been placed 12 months out from the wedding date are non-refundable. The $500.00 save the date/damage deposit that were originally placed at the time of booking will be returned should our client choose to completely cancel their event.

The deposits that are collected are used in the off season to pay expenses, obtain insurance, purchase new equipment, update lighting, and to make upgrades and improvements to our property to guarantee our wedding couples and their guests have the best experience possible to celebrate their special day. So far, we have been blessed with great weather this spring, and our team has been working eagerly to prepare Noisy Acres to be ready to host weddings in the event that we are able. A lot of work goes into our property before anyone ever sets foot on it.

We strongly suggest obtaining separate wedding cancellation insurance which covers any irrecoverable expenses incurred by you in respect of transport, accommodation, venue rental, catering, photographs, flowers, wedding attire and services from any other suppliers booked but not used as a result of unavoidable and unexpected cancellation or curtailment of the wedding or reception made necessary by any cause beyond the Insureds control.

We are all learning to deal with the effects of COVID-19, and with the changes happening daily, we are doing our best to be fair to all our wedding couples in these unprecedented times. We know the situation is very overwhelming for everyone involved and are very grateful for our wonderful wedding clients that have already worked with us in making alternative arrangements. We hope that we can all work together for a positive solution.

Stay Safe!

Noisy Acres Garden Estates